2023 Fall Round


Raising the bar for quality assurance in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Welcome to the 2023 Fall Round of The Emerald Test™

Our Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program was developed in 2014 specifically to meet the needs of cannabis and hemp testing facilities. 

Below are links to each of the Reports for the 2023 Fall Round, as well as the award criteria for The Emerald Badge™. 

Please address any questions to:
Kirsten Blake
Vice President
Email: EmeraldTest@emeraldscientific.com

An Emerald Badge™ will be awarded to participating labs that meet the criteria established by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer with input from The Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel. Labs receiving a Badge are recognized for their capabilities through inter-laboratory comparison with their peers for a given test. Be advised that a minimum of 8 participants are required to complete the ILC/PT analysis. The ILC/PT promotes transparency and enhances consumer confidence in the safety and the science which independent testing facilities contribute to the cannabis and hemp industries.

NOTE: The Emerald Test Badge does not imply regulatory compliance or laboratory accreditation. Alteration or misrepresentation of the badge will void the award and jeopardize future participation in the Emerald Test.     

Once again, thank you for participating in The Emerald Test™!
Should you have any questions or suggestions for improving the experience and value to your business, please let us know.

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