2024 Fall Round


Celebrating 10 Years of Quality Cannabis Science

Welcome to the 2024 Fall Round of The Emerald Test™

Our Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program was developed in 2014 specifically to meet the needs of cannabis and hemp testing facilities. 

Below is an overview of all details relating to enrollment, the proficiency testing process, instructions for result submission, and Emerald Badge™ award criteria. Please read all of the information thoroughly.

Please address all questions to:
Kirsten Blake
Email: EmeraldTest@emeraldscientific.com

General Instructions for 2024 Spring Round Participants

For more information or questions on the PTs offered in the 2024 Spring Round, you can contact us at sales@emeraldscientific.com, or (877) 567-3598 ext. 1. As always, Emerald Scientific Technical Sales Specialist is also available to answer questions you may have.

When enrolling in The Emerald Test, is very important that the testing facility name, analyst email, and physical address are included when purchasing a PT to avoid shipping and communication problems.

Open Enrollment Period BeginsMonday, August 5
Open Enrollment Period ClosesFriday, August 16
Samples ship for International labs:Monday, September 9
U.S. / Canada Samples ship:Wednesday, September 11
Results reporting for all PTs closes:Friday, September 27
Initial Reports released / Appeals open:Friday, October 11
Appeals close:Friday, October 25
Advisory Panel review:Wednesday, November 6
Emerald Badges™ awarded: Monday, December 9
ILC report released*:Monday, December 9

The list of Fall Round PTs will be released the week before Open Enrollment begins.

Download 2024 Spring Product Listing Sheet

Inter-laboratory comparison data is presented in anonymized format according to a randomly assigned analyst number. The Emerald Test™ will keep all laboratory, analyst information, and results confidential. Participant information will not be released by The Emerald Test™ without the prior knowledge and consent of the participating laboratory. Should a regulatory agency or other entity need to receive the results, permission is required from the participant authorizing The Emerald Test™ to release test results.

The dates that samples will be shipped and the date that results are due are both listed above and in the instructions included with the PT samples. Prior to opening the sample, please review the sample preparation instructions.  To accommodate the PT, please follow the manufacturers’ sample preparation notes that go with each part number.

If samples shipped within the U.S. and Canada are not received within 48 hours of the ship date, notify the PT manufacturer. Failure to do so after 5 working days from the ship date may result in a forfeited test. International shipments may take longer.

Be sure to thoroughly inspect all samples and review all documents upon receipt and store under the conditions recommended by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer. Damaged samples should be reported immediately to the PT Manufacturer and Kirsten Blake. Failure to do so within 1 week of the ship date may result in a forfeited test.

Each participant is responsible for selecting an analysis method appropriate for the samples they are testing. Some series will request that the participant list their analysis method in a general fashion (e.g. LC, GC, PCR, LC-MS/MS, etc.). The method provided will be entered with their results in the appropriate boxes on the results entry form. This anonymized data is used to monitor developments or changes in methods within the industry and to assist in future test development. Contact the ISO accredited PT manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns regarding the reporting process.

Enrollment in The Emerald Test™ is a participant’s implied assertion that the laboratory name provided when purchasing The Emerald Test™ is the laboratory that performs the sample analysis. Any attempt to circumvent this agreement will result in a forfeited test.

Carefully follow the ISO accredited PT manufacturer’s instructions when submitting your results. Sample results must be submitted by 11:59PM (U.S. Eastern) on the due date (see Schedule above). Late results will not be accepted, will not be added to the database, and will be treated as unreported. Typographical errors will not be considered for an appeal.

If you DO NOT want to report results for a particular analyte within the PT, leave it blank.  Any number or image within an analyte cell will be viewed as a testing outcome and scored as such.

Accurate data reporting is part of the analysis process; thus, all participants are responsible for review of their own reported results to ensure accuracy. Be sure to review the documents included with the PT samples for data entry instructions. It is recommended that a second person review your reported results for accuracy. Contact the ISO accredited PT manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns regarding the reporting process. Incorrectly reported results will not be changed after the Series closing date. There are no exceptions.

There are 2 separate internet portals for labs to enter their PT results – one for each manufacturer.  Review and follow the directions provided by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer, which will include the information for the correct portal to use to enter your results. Participant access to reports is limited to their enrolled tests. 

Contact the PT manufacturer of your PT(s) directly with any questions.

Initial reports will be available from the PT manufacturer Friday, October 19, 2024. If the facility name, analyst email, and physical address for the lab performing the PT analysis are not correct when the sample is purchased, your results may be delayed or voided. It is recommended that you review your report carefully and direct any questions to the PT manufacturer before entering the data.

Be aware of the requirements and limitations when considering an appeal to ensure your request is based on reasonable testing parameters. All appeals must be received by the PT manufacturer no later than 11:59pm U.S. Eastern on Friday, October 25, 2024 to be considered. Appeal requests must include:

  • Laboratory name
  • PT Series/test number
  • Appeal description

All appeals must be submitted to the ISO accredited manufacturer.
Typographical errors will not be considered for an appeal.
Appeals submitted after October 25 will not be considered.

An Emerald Badge™ will be awarded to participating labs that meet the criteria established by the ISO accredited PT manufacturer with input from The Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel. Labs receiving a Badge are recognized for their capabilities through inter-laboratory comparison with their peers for a given test. 

Be advised that a minimum of 8 participants are required to complete the ILC/PT analysis. The ILC/PT promotes transparency and enhances consumer confidence in the safety and the science which independent testing facilities contribute to the cannabis and hemp industries.

NOTE: The Emerald Test Badge does not imply regulatory compliance or laboratory accreditation. Alteration or misrepresentation of the badge will void the award and jeopardize future participation in The Emerald Test.     

Once again, thank you for participating in The Emerald Test™!
Should you have any questions or suggestions for improving the experience and value to your business, please let us know.

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