The Emerald Badge™

The Emerald Badge™ is awarded to laboratories that demonstrate proficiency within specified tolerance levels in each category of proficiency testing. These criteria are established by an ISO-accredited proficiency test (PT) manufacturer, in consultation with The Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel.

Laboratories that attain The Emerald Badge™ are acknowledged for their exceptional capabilities in comparison to their counterparts within a particular series of tests. Moreover, successful participation in The Emerald Test™ Interlaboratory Comparison/Proficiency Testing (ILC/PT) typically fulfills the accreditation requirements outlined in ISO/IEC 17025 for external proficiency testing.

For the year 2024, the criteria to be eligible for The Emerald Badge™ award are as follows:

Analyte Reporting: Participants are expected to dutifully report all analytes mandated by their respective regulatory bodies.

Badge Award Requirements:Participants must attain a passing result from the accredited PT provider for 100% of the reported results in the following test categories:

–       Potency
–       Heavy Metals
–       Mycotoxins
–       Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate
–       Moisture & Water Activity
–       Microbiological
–       Pathogens
–       Foreign Materials & Filth

Participants must achieve a passing result from the accredited PT provider for at least 80% of the reported analytes in the respective test categories:

–       Pesticides
–       Residual Solvents
–       Terpenes

Meeting these stringent criteria ensures that laboratories are recognized for their competence and proficiency in conducting the specified tests, contributing to the overall quality and reliability of analytical services in the field of chemistry.

Be advised that a minimum of 5 participants are required for any test to complete the ILC/PT analysis. If less than 5 participants enroll in any test, an ILC report will not be generated. Participants will receive individual results and still be eligible for the Emerald Badge. The ILC/PT promotes transparency and enhances consumer confidence in the safety and the science that independent testing facilities contribute to the cannabis and hemp industries.