Fall 2017 Test


Enrollment for the Fall 2017 Test begins Monday, September 25. Purchasing any of the Emerald Tests™ automatically enrolls the lab in the program. All tests require Overnight Shipping, which is included in the price of the test.


The Fall 2017 Emerald Test™ offers a broad range of PTs to meet a laboratory’s internal and regulatory needs.


The Potency Test is comprised of a 5-part cannabinoid matrix in 1mL of Acetonitrile. The test contains 0-1000 µg/mL of THC, THC-A, CBD, CBD-A, and CBN.

Download the Potency Reference Materials.

The Pesticides Test is comprised of the following 22 analytes in hemp matrix, with quantities ranging from 0-1000 ng/g. A blank matrix sample is also provided.

Download the Pesticides Reference Materials.

  • Abamectin
  • Acequinocyl
  • Azoxystrobin
  • Bifenazate
  • Bifenthrin
  • Cyfluthrin
  • Daminozide
  • Etoxazole
  • Fenoxyocarb
  • Imazalil
  • Imadacloprid
  • Malathion
  • Myclobutanil
  • Paclobutrazole
  • Permethrin
  • Pyrethrins
  • Spinosad
  • Spiromesifen
  • Spirotretsamat
  • Thiamethoxam
  • Tebuconazole
  • Trifloxystrobin
residual solvents

The Residual Solvents Test is offered in 2 parts for stability.

Download the Residual Solvents Reference Materials Part I and Part II.

n,n-dimethylacetamide Hemp Oil Matrix
  • n-butane 0-1000μg/mL
  • iso-butane 0-1000μg/mL
  • benzene 0-1000μg/g
  • m-xylene 0-1000μg/g
  • p-xylene 0-1000μg/g
  • o-xylene 0-1000μg/g
  • toluene 0-1000μg/g
  • n-heptane 0-1000μg/g
  • n-hexane 0-1000μg/g
  • methanol 0-1000μg/g
  • ethanol 0-1000μg/g
microbial test panel 1

The Microbial Panel 1 Test consists of 4 individual samples for quantitative determination of APC, Coliform/E.coli, Yeast/Mold, and Enterobacteriaceae. Samples are prepared in hemp matrix inoculated with organisms of interest and is lyophilized for stability.

Download the Microbial Reference Materials (includes Panel 1 and Panel 2).

microbial panel 2

The Microbial Panel 2 Test consists of 3 samples for qualitative identification of salmonella spp. in hemp matrix. Samples are inoculated with either salmonella or non-pathogenic, non-salmonella species.


The Heavy Metals Test is offered in 2 parts.

Download the Heavy Metals Reference Materials Part I and Part II.

Part 1 in Solution:
for Cannabis Marijuana Heavy Metals
Part 2 in Hemp:
for Cannabis Heavy Metals
  • aresenic reported as 0-25μg/L
  • cadmium reported as 0-25μg/L
  • lead reported as 0-25μg/L
  • mercury reported as 0-25μg/L
  • aresenic 0-50μg/g
  • cadmium 0-25μg/g
  • lead 0-25μg/g
  • mercury 0-10μg/g

The Terpenes Test consists of a hemp oil sample fortified with 10 of the most commonly-analyzed terpenes in the cannabis industry at concentration ratios representative of cannabis flower samples.

Download the Terpenes Reference Materials.

  • a-pinene
  • b-pinene
  • b-myrcene
  • 3-carene
  • a-terpinene
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • d-limonene
  • linalool
  • beta caryophyllene
  • humulene
  • a-bisabolol
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g
  • 0-2000µg/g


Once labs complete the tests, results will be submitted though the secure AOCS online portal. All submitted data will be received by AOCS for processing and analysis using ISO 13528:2015 software and standards for ILC/PTs.