Historical Data Analysis

The Emerald Test™, an Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test, has provided the means for analytical laboratories to measure and improve their testing methods, and consequently the accuracy of their test results, for 8 years. It is the longest running program of its kind and has enabled many laboratories to identify deficiencies, inform needed improvement, and demonstrate confidence in their analytics. 

The Emerald Test program was first introduced in 2014 with a single cannabinoid test for ∆9 in solution. The initial round had 19 participants that listed 5 separate methods: GC-FID, GC-MS, LC-PDA, LC-UV Vis, and SFC-PDA.  Since that time, the growth in number of participants, available tests, matrices, and methods is only compounded by the overall sophistication and advancement of the science and the scientists in our industry. 

The Report

In 2021, Emerald Scientific partnered with New Frontier Data to analyze the historical data from Emerald Test™ to share the progress of the industry and emerging stories for cannabis quality control labs with all stakeholders. The result of this collaboration was a new study analyzing quality and safety testing across the cannabis industry. The report concluded that proficiency testing, the mainstay for compliance and quality assurance in the legal cannabis industry, represents a top priority and major share of the global cannabis testing service industry.
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Another outcome of the Emerald Scientific – New Frontier Data collaboration was 2 webinars which each discussed important aspects of Cannabis Proficiency Testing. In these sessions, the panelists discussed what 7 years of proficiency testing data shows us about the evolution of the cannabis industry, and the importance of quality and consumer safety to its continued growth.
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Interested in Participating in The Emerald Test™ ILC/PT Program?

The Emerald Test™ takes place in the Spring and Fall of each year, with enrollment open for a set period of time. After receiving the PT sample, participating labs have a specified time period to complete the test(s) and submit their results via an electronic data portal. 

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